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Diverse Minds, Limitless Discoveries. At BYTES, we help provide the resources, connections, and community you need to succeed in a STEM career. Let's do this together. 




The BYTES Network was formed to create a community of organizations supporting Black Youth in STEM in the Greater Toronto and Southern Ontario areas to increase levels of engagement in STEM occupations where representation is low and to grow representation in certain disciplines where the black population is virtually non-existent.  The lack of representation in STEM occupations is reflected in poor economic growth and high rates of unemployment in our black communities.  We exist to change that reality.


At BYTES, we strive to innovate, educate and inspire black students onwards to a better tomorrow through the enhancement of stem related training & mentorship programs. BYTES works to increase the pipeline of students pursuing science in K-12, Post-Secondary and Post-Doctoral Research opportunities and reduce the barriers and provide role-models, mentors and support.

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Marguerite Mcleod-Fleming

Board Member

Helping Fast-Growth Organizations Grow | LinkedIn for Lead Generation Expert | Innovation & Inclusive Innovation Leadership Training | Women in Tech Champion | Be-An-Inventor Training for Kids

Cdiaz Bio Pic.jpg

Christine Diaz

Board Member

Sr. Director of a Major Software company | WRT Parent Representative | Community Advocate for Black Youth in Education


William R Laverde

Board Member

Enterprise Customer Success Partner (ECSP) at SAP | PS Innovation Jam award winner for Map My Customer, a new way to interact with customers face-to-face | Executive board member of STEMHub Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes STEM education and careers for underrepresented groups

Francis Jeffers.jpg

Francis Jeffers

Board Member

Curator at International Aboriginal and Indigenous Peoples Inventors and Innovators Museum

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