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William Laverde

Co-Founder / Board of Directors

William is far from your ordinary founder; he's vocal and unafraid to pose thought-provoking questions and actively pursue answers. His unyielding curiosity springs from a deep dedication to comprehending our work and elevating it for the betterment of our team and the individuals we serve. This relentless inquisitiveness is rooted in a genuine fervour for learning and innovative problem-solving. William's professional profile is a unique amalgamation of teaching expertise, patience, enthusiasm, and research acumen. He generously imparts his knowledge and passion for technology and programming to young minds in the community with the support of Bytes Network.

In a nutshell, William is an extraordinary individual who doesn't settle for passive participation but actively contributes to progress. His teaching prowess, unwavering thirst for knowledge, and dedication to community engagement render him a valuable asset our organization.

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